i13 REAL smile

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i13 REAL smile

11 morphs included to create an amazing natural smile for V4

REAL smile morph listing:
21 EdgeCurl
20 LipCorners
19 FlattenLines
18 LessLinesBottom
17 LesslinesTop
16 Outercornerbottom
15 Outercornertop
14 LipRaise
13 RedefineUpperLip
12 UpperGums
11 teethraise

Now you can create the smile that suits your v4 character.

A REAL smile.

A sexy smile.

A quirky smile.

Tired of leaving V4’s mouth closed because she does not look as pretty when she smiles when in fact she should look prettier? Now you problems are solved with REAL smile fix for v4.

This simple highly effective morph set will make your v4 stand out above the rest.

Just a few dial spins and you will have the look you want and its just that easy every time.

Never settle for closed mouth looks or drab smiles when you can now have the look you want.

Get v4 smile fix and show off the looks you want to.

Designed to repair and enhance V4’s built in smile.
Incredible results with combinations of morphs.

Here the real smile is displayed with the i3 fountain of youth morphs for a beautiful youthful look.

Plus 2 convenient expression morphs – one to apply base V4 smile,
and one make her eyes smile too, for natural happy look

This pack includes complete versions for both Poser and Daz Studio


Design 9
i13 Great Beauty Pose Collection and Prop


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