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What you’ll get:
?Pillow Room – a rigged room with all parts movable, easy to use
?3 blanket props
?40 poses for V4 + smoothing INJs for V4 to match each pose where needed
?40 cameras
?IBL/IDL light setup
?Poses for the room where necessary
?Rendersettings included

*smoothing morphs are based on V4 Voluptuous bodyshape and may require less strength when used with other shapes
*Please make sure smooth polygons is off in render settings
*IDL used for promos, refer to included rendersettings (in documentation folder) to get the same look
*Not every pose requires a smoothing morphs or matching room pose, almost every pose has one, but in some for
some it is not needed



E.M.T. Bus (Poser, Vue, 3D Studio Max)
Genesis 2 Character Helper

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