HOT Sominas Delight

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Candy Araia
Brighton Sarong 2 - V4 A4 G4

HOT Somina’s Delight clothing set is a 7 piece Victorian outfit.

It includes 7 conforming cr2’s and 4 complete mat files for each item in the set.
The textures are actual texture maps rather materials so they will work well in either Poser or Daz Studio.
The clothing is designed with lots of material zones and I have included a folder of visability pose sets to turn the material zones off and on.
The bonus skirt has extra bones (bodyhandles) for movement posing.It also has morphs to tighten the waist so there is no pokethrough when the corset is on.
The corset includes morphs to go over the skirt.
The bustle includes morphs to have the back go out which is great for sitting poses.

Included Files:

  • Conforming Clothes:
  • Som-Bottoms.cr2
  • Som-Bustle.cr2
  • Som-Collar.cr2
  • Som-Corset.cr2
  • Som-Skirt.cr2
  • Som-Sleeves.cr2
  • Som-Wrist.cr2
  • 4 unique texture options for each of the clothing pieces.


Candy Araia
Brighton Sarong 2 - V4 A4 G4

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