Hostile Planet

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Visit if you dare. Escape if you can.

Hostile Planet is the perfect environment for your scene, whether it’s fantasy, reality, post-apocalyptic future, prehistoric past, on this world, or a distant planet. Unlike ‘static’ environment sets, Hostile Planet uses morphing, movable scenery objects to give you great versatility in setting up your scene, and comes in four basic flavors:

1. Desert (Popup 1)– barren and dry, a place where the only water is a sluggish stream or a stagnant sinkhole. Is the water safe to drink? Don’t bet on it!

2. Slag World (Popup 3, bottom)– a burned-out, used-up, rusted world where nothing thrives– except things you wouldn’t want to meet.

3. Toxic Waste (Popup 3, center)– a poisoned world where even the best protective suit might not be enough.

4. Volcanic (Popup 5)– blackened and barren and very hot.

Give your Poser people a real challenge– send them to Hostile Planet. And hope they return…

Compatibility: Poser 5+. Sorry, no DAZ|Studio version is available yet.



Haussmann Building
xTH Pumps


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