HIGHFASHION: Controversy for V4/A4/G4/Topmodel

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HIGHFASHION Controversy comes with high quality conforming clothing items and accessories, carefully modelled with a lot of details, unfolded mapping to prevent texture stretching and carefully hand-made bodymorphs to give you the best fits possible. Included is a high-waisted and wide pants with belt, a pair of strapped high-heel ankle boots with flower decoration, a turtleneck sweater and a flower armband.

The clothing items come with built-in JCMs to make them fit properly to V4’s poses, however in some extreme poses you may need to adjust the clothing to fit it to the poses. For that we included several adjustment morphs to help you out.

Beneath the adjustment morphs, you’ll also get a big range of bodymorphs to fit the outfit to your characters. It includes most of the morphs from the V4++ Morph Pak, all three Elite Morphs, all four Aiko 4 Morphs, The Girl 4 Bodymorph and the two Topmodel bodyshapes!.
For each clothing piece there are several texture options to create hundreds of styles.


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