HFS Races: Iradian

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HFS Races: Iradian is a set of custom morphs and textures that turn genesis into an extremly detailed alien humanoid, perfect for your fantasy or sci-fi artworks!
Iradians are a tall and slender humanoid species, with very long limbs, long and strong necks and flat faces, with slight lineaments and a pair of big and dark eyes. Their skins are smooth, thick and completly hairless.
They are something similar to the terrestrial aquatic mammals (maybe they have evolved from cetaceans-like creatures), though now they are no longer suitable for aquatic life.
Their lifes are extremly long (someone says 1000 years!), and they are very wise people, with calm and thoughtful personalities. They are renowned throughout the galaxy as scientists and intellectuals, but some argue that they have also special psychic powers.

The morphs are carefully sculpted in zbrush. All textures (diffuse, specular, bump and displacement map) are made in zbrush and photoshop.
Populate your galaxy or your kingdoms turning Genesis into the creatures from the “HFS Races” series!


Requirements: PC/MAC, DAZ Studio 4.5, Genesis base figure (included in DS4); (optional DSON importer for Poser).

Required: Link to post:
Genesis Base Figure


Wet Body Gen 5
Valextra Thigh High


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