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HeadShop 9 is a software product used to create 3D heads from photographs.

It can accomodate user at different skill levels, from beginners to advanced 3D users. It uses a number of advanced features, such as:

Automatic „Face-rotation” to rotate tilted portraits into the upright position
Automatic recognition of eye and mouth features
„Autodot” feature automatically adds dots to describe face shape, position and shape of eyes, mouth and nose.

HeadShop 9 can be used for a number of applications:

Create custom characters to be used within another 3D software such as DAZ Studio, Poser or Maya. 3D faces and morphs can be used with most softwares that can import OBJ formats.
„Age” characters like children to see how they will look like in a few years in the future.
HeadShop 3D heads can be also used to create 3D prints for non-commercial purposes. OBJ files can be sent to print shops that use the files to produce solid objects with 3D printers, either in single color or multi-color.
At the Stage tab of the applications users also can take „photos” of newly created charcters with any number of imported backgrounds and use the saved JPG image with Photoshop or other image software.

HeadShop 9 has an EZ mode to create Male, Female and Child heads based on DAZ Studio’s popular Genesis 2 series of charcters. In addition, HeadShop can use any additional non-Genesis 2 charcter via the „Import OBJ” function. These charcters from DAZ, Poser or Maya need to have a „head” bone to read correctly into HeadShop.

HeadShop 9 incorporates elements of another Abalone software; HairShop. Thus, the workflow is divided into 9 tabs, of which the first 3 tabs (Front, Profile and Features) are focused on 3D head creation, and the next 5 tabs (Style, Cut, Shape, Accessories and Color) on adding and modifying hair and accessories. The last tab, Stage, is to view and capture both face and hair, either for 2D photos or 3D printing.
What’s Included and Features

Figure 1: Male (Gen 2)
Age Morph
Weight Morph
Figure 2: Female (Gen 2)
Age Morph
Weight Morph
Figure 3: Child (Gen 2
Age Morph
Weight Morph
14 Props: Hats, Glasses, Earring, Scarf, etc
8 Hair Styles with morphs
12 Hair Textures
2 Background Images
Product Compatibility: DAZ Studio 4.7+


This product is only available for Windows and only downloadable through the Product Library. It is not available through DIM.

Installation of HeadShop 9 for DAZ Studio 4.7+ (64-bit) is a two-step process.
NOTE: if you have earlier versions of FaceShop, please remove the FaceShop.exe from DAZ Studio/DAZStudio4/bin folder.

Step 1. Double-click to run “MYFILES-setup”. Please make sure that you select Product Files/DAZ 3D as the destination folder.
Step 2. Drag the enclosed file “Abalone” into Users/Public/Public Documents.
You are done:)

This product includes:
1 General 32bit Installer
1 General 64bit Installer


BlueBell Hair for Genesis 3 Female(s)
Castle Hallway


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