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Hayato is ready for action on the battlefield and in the boardroom or any scene your imagination can dream of.

His body is young and agile, capable in martial arts but able to handle a sharp katana.
The tattoed symbols represent honor, justice, courage, all of the qualities that are in his soul.

We created him with various options: pale skin, tattoed one, and various markings as proof of every battle.
Hayato is one of the most accurate and artistic men for M4: versatile, realistic and with tons of charisma!

Included in this package you will find lots of options to play with:

– INJ Hayato
– REM Hayato
– MAT Body and Face
– INJ Genitals
– REM Genitals
– MAT Genitals
– 1 MAT Face Base
– 1 MAT Face Tattoo
– 2 MAT Face Blood
– 1 MAT Face Blood and Tattoo
– 1 MAT Limbs Base
– 1 MAT Limbs Tattoo
– 1 MAT Limbs Blood
– 1 MAT Limbs Blood and Tattoo
– 1 MAT Body Base
– 1 MAT Body Tattoo
– 2 MAT Body Blood
– 1 MAT Body Blood and Tattoo
– 5 eye colors

High detailed textures included with bump maps and specular to give to this character an extremely accurate and realistic look.


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