Goodbye Embedded SI from FaceGen ExporterDG Demo for Genesis

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This morph is to use with Singular Inversions FaceGen Modeller created morph when exported to DAZ3D with FaceGen ExporterDG Demo…

When exporting a morph to DAZ3D with the Expoter DG demo an SI is embedded onto Genesis’s forehead when the morph is dialed in…

This morph once dialed in, it will remove the Embedded SI…

This morph was created by me with ZBrush… Enjoy…

Machobubba Creations…

Download the FaceGen ExporterDG Demo here…

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FaceGen Modeller 3.5.3



BWC Harem - Poses for Genesis 2 Female(s) and Aiko 6
17 Chic Textures

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