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DAZ Studio 4.7 only This is a very nice collection of Glassware for Iray. This set will be right at home with all your renders from casual to formal. It contains 8 glass props such as wine glasses, drinking glasses, shot glasses, brandy sniffers etc. As an added bonus you also get 3 different fruit bowls and a candy dish with separate lid.

All props are pre loaded with Iray shaders to maximize your render quality. Each piece of glassware has 4 different material presets to give you plenty of versatility. With a total of 13 separate props and 52 material presets this set is sure to add class and elegance to any piece.
What’s Included and Features

Glassware Collection for Iray: (.DUF)
Brandy Sniffer
Candy Dish Lid
Candy Dish
Drinking Glass Medium Thin
Drinking Glass Short Fat
Drinking Glass Tall Thin
Fruit Bowl 01
Fruit Bowl 02 Decorative
Fruit Bowl 03 Decorative
Martini Glass
Shot Glass
Wine Glass 01
Wine Glass 02
Material Options:
Brandy Sniffer BLUE TRIM
Brandy Sniffer GOLD TRIM
Brandy Sniffer NO TRIM
Brandy Sniffer RED TRIM
Candy Dish BLUE
Candy Dish CLEAR
Candy Dish GREEN
Candy Dish Lid BLUE
Candy Dish Lid CLEAR
Candy Dish Lid GREEN
Candy Dish Lid RED
Candy Dish RED
Drinking Glass Medium Thin BLUE TRIM
Drinking Glass Medium Thin GOLD TRIM
Drinking Glass Medium Thin NO TRIM
Drinking Glass Medium Thin RED TRIM
Drinking Glass Short Fat BLUE TRIM
Drinking Glass Short Fat GOLD TRIM
Drinking Glass Short Fat NO TRIM
Drinking Glass Short Fat RED TRIM
Drinking Glass Tall Thin BLUE TRIM
Drinking Glass Tall Thin GOLD TRIM
Drinking Glass Tall Thin NO TRIM
Drinking Glass Tall Thin RED TRIM
Fruit Bowl 01 BLUE
Fruit Bowl 01 CLEAR
Fruit Bowl 01 GREEN
Fruit Bowl 01 RED
Fruit Bowl 02 BLUE
Fruit Bowl 02 CLEAR
Fruit Bowl 02 GREEN
Fruit Bowl 02 RED
Fruit Bowl 03 BLUE
Fruit Bowl 03 CLEAR
Fruit Bowl 03 GREEN
Fruit Bowl 03 RED
Martini Glass BLUE TRIM
Martini Glass GOLD TRIM
Martini Glass NO TRIM
Martini Glass RED TRIM
Shot Glass BLUE TRIM
Shot Glass GOLD TRIM
Shot Glass NO TRIM
Shot Glass RED TRIM
Wine Glass 01 BLUE TRIM
Wine Glass 01 GOLD TRIM
Wine Glass 01 NO TRIM
Wine Glass 01 RED TRIM
Wine Glass 02 BLUE TRIM
Wine Glass 02 GOLD TRIM
Wine Glass 02 NO TRIM
Wine Glass 02 RED TRIM
DAZ Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)


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