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In heat of the Roman summer the arena calls for blood… for centuries the spectacle of gladiatorial combat delighted untold masses across the Empire. Never failing to amaze, it was a dance of death fought in the sweat stained sand.

Men and women, from slaves to pontiffs, from untried fodder to celebrated champions; the arena would leave its mark- transforming those who entered its world into hardened warriors, or delivering them quickly into the arms of death.

Gladiatorae is a huge assortment of poses for Victoria and Michael, gritty and dangerous, engaged in deadly gladiatorial combat of the most intimate kind- unarmed. This pack features 30 poses for two master gladiators doing battle, and 30 poses for gladiatrix vs. gladiatrix locked in a deadly duel. 20 solo poses are also included which depict our fearless combatants stretching and preparing for the fight to come, as well as sprawled in defeat or rapturous in victory. The Gladiatrix character full body morph is also included (INJ + REM), along with the Reset Body pose and 50 cameras to coincide with the poses for supremely dramatic action.


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