Genesis 8 Female Body Morph Resource Kit 3

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Introducing the third in our Genesis 8 Female Body Morph (Merchant) Resource kit series! This package contains 59 all new body shaping morphs to be used with the Genesis 8 Female and her add-on characters. Please see the features list for a full listing of all the included morphs.

Note: These morphs are identical to the Genesis 3 Female Body Morph Resource kit 3, but have been changed, optimized, and authorized for use with the Genesis 8 Female.

All our Morph Kits are merchant resource packs for the characters for which they were created. This means you may use these morphs in combination with your own modeling or other sources to create beautiful new characters for the Genesis 8 Female for resale or brokering.

What’s Included and Features
Genesis 8 Female Body Morph Resource Kit 3: (.DUF)
59 New Body Shaping Morphs for Genesis 8 Female:
14 Chest Shaping Morphs:
Back Shape 01
Breast Age Droop
Breast Sag Natural 01
Breast Sag Natural 02
Breasts Huge
Breasts Shape 01
Breasts Small Top Slope
Breasts Very Large 01
Breasts Very Large 02
Chest Only Shape 01
Ribcage Tighten 01
Ribcage Tighten 02
Ribs Define
Ribs Skinny
3 Feet Shaping morphs:
Feet Ankles Define
Feet Muscular Arch
Feet Top Higher
4 Full Body Shaping Morphs:
Full Body Curvy
Lower Body Shape 02
Lower Torso Voluptuous
Upper Body Shape 01
2 Head/Neck shaping Morphs:
Neck Collar Shape 01
Neck Define
13 Hips Shaping Morphs:
Buttocks Adjust 01
Buttocks Flatten 01
Buttocks Flatten 02
Buttocks Lift
Buttocks Muscular
Buttocks Wide
Crotch Up-Down 01
Crotch Up-Down 02
Hip Back Reduce
Hip Backside Curvy
Hip Lower Size
Hip Shape Hollows
Hip Thighs Size
5 Legs Shaping Morphs:
Thigh Outer Shape
Thighs Muscular 01
Thighs Trim 01
Thighs Trim 02
Thighs Trim 03
18 Waist Shaping Morphs:
Abdomen Belly Pregnant
Abdomen Lower Angle
Abdomen Shape Sides
Abdomen Shape Smooth 01
Abdomen Shape Smooth 02
Love Handles
Torso Mix 01
Torso Mix 02
Torso Mix 03
Torso Mix 04
Torso Mix 05
Torso Mix 06
Torso Slender 01
Torso Slender 02
Torso Slender 03
Waist Abdomen Shape 02
Waist Shape 01
Waist Shape 02
01 Reset All Morphs Shaping Preset

This product includes:
1 DSON Core Installer


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