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Galaxy Alexis is a warrior and outer space is her battlefield.

Two different MAT options are included, with or without sub surface scattering, cutom head morph created to give you a high level of realism.

The head morph can be used also on a basic V4, but you’ll need the morphs++ for the body injection morphs and even better the elite morphs to give her a better body.

Several smart props are included. Each smart prop comes with several MAT options and wonderful sci-fi colours and effects like fluid blue plasma, electro, shiny silver and tribal armor:

In this package you’ll find:

– INJ Head
– REM Head
– INJ Body
– REM Body
– MAT Base
– 2 MAT Arms Base
– 2 MAT Arms SSS
– 3 MAT Body Base
– 3 MAT Body SSS
– 7 MAT Face
– 7 MAT Face SSS
– 7 MAT Eye
– 2 MAT Lashes
– 3 MAT Gloves
– 7 MAT Lips
– 7 MAT Lips SSS
– 7 MAT Lips Glossy
– 7 MAT Lips Glossy SSS
– 1 MAT Nail Base
– 1 MAT Nail Base SSS
– 3 MAT Nail Colors

Plus a set of smart props:

– Top
– Panties
– Galaxy Blade Left
– Galaxy Blade Right
– Wristband Left
– Wristband Right
– Visor

Each smart prop comes with several MAT options:

– 3 MAT Blade
– 5 MAT Top and Panties
– 3 MAT Handband (part of the blades)
– 3 MAT Wristband
– 4 MAT Visor

Thank you for choosing our products!

Promos rendered in Poser, Reality3 for Poser and Daz 4.6.

This item works in DAZ 4.6 but there are NO DS files in it (DUF files) only PZ2 and the shades may need adjustments in Daz.

PZ2 and MC6 files included for Poser users.



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