Furniture Set One, Bed Side Table

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This new line of Furniture products, continues with the BED SIDE TABLE along with the LAMP and ALARM CLOCK
It comes with 3 Separate Props and a huge amount of material options
All materials created by bagginsbill the master of materials.
The other sets will include new materials in each new release, so if you collect them all, you will end up with close to 200 hand crafted materials created by the man himself.

Here is what is included with the set

1 SIDE TABLE with morphs for the Drawers
1 LAMP with morphs for the Lamp Shade and the cord Length, where it hangs over the back of the Side Table
1 ALARM CLOCK with a time control that can allow an animation up to 10 days long. One control turns the hands the way they work on a real clock, forward as well as backwards in time.

3 Default .mc6 to put back to original loading materials
35 Drawer Face Materials .mc6
37 Lamp Body
3 Lamp Shade
14 Clock Body
14 Clock Face
25 Hardware Materials .mc6
114 Single Materials .mc5
3 Stone Top .mc6
28 Wood Shaders .mc6
7 Paint Shaders .mc6

Not tested in Daz Studio.


Furniture Set One, Wall Clock
Furniture Set One, Bed


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