Funky Old Patina

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There are so many possibilities inside this set! Make metallics with the look of patina, or even rusted out old metal. Great for Leather, Velvet, grungey overlays, as parchment or papers. Use for scrapbooking, quick retextures for making renders, and even to texture your own models with.

Contains 70 Seamless 1000×1000 tiles, and 70 Seamless 600×600 tiles. All tiles are all different, meaning you get 140 tiles in all, and endless color combinations.

I’m looking for some metal, to texture up my model
I’m on the chase, it’s become a race, so to some store I toddle
I’m looking everywhere, but some are looking duller
I don’t want it plain, don’t need it grey, I need some with much color

So onto DAZ I roll, to see what’s added there
I start looking ’round, Im metal bound, but first I find some hair
I don’t wanna make a dog, I ain’t texturing no hyena,
But then I spot the most perfect pack …. funky old patina!


Cloughie's Swans
Clothing MorphKit for Victoria 4


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    May 27, 2013

    these look so nice…thank you Blazer

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