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Aquatic Genesis–


The new Aquatic Genesis has the following features:

1. The spines on the crest and ears are now scalable. The crest has an ERC control for lenghtening or shortening the spines all at once, and so do the ears.

2. The hands and feet are now scalable. The hands have an ERC control for shortening or lengthening the fingers all at once, and the feet have an ERC control for shortening or lengthening the toes.

3. The rigging has been improved, with automatic ajustment controls for most of the Genesis people.

Aquatic Genesis is a set of geo-grafted items to turn Genesis into an oceanic creature with finlike hands, feet, ears, and head-crest. The Aquatics are not intended to be ‘mer-people’ or ‘mermaids,’ but rather, either humans who were genetically altered, or perhaps a branch of the human race that returned to the ocean millennia ago.

The geo-grafts work very well with most of the DAZ morphs, so you can use the DAZ morphs, alone or in combination, to create endless sub-species of Aquatics

The geo-graft items are fully rigged and poseable– even the spines on the head-crest and ears can be individually posed. ERC controls are also included.

Note: Most oceanics mammals do not have visible external genitals, and thus no genital textures are included.

Required Products: Genesis Related but NOT Required: DAZ Creature Morphs Program Compatibility: DAZ Studio 4+

What’s Included & Features
Four Geo-Graft Figures
ERC Controls:
Head Crest
Spine Length
Spine Length
Hands and Feet
Spread/Close Fingers/Toes
Bend Fingers/Toes All Together
Bend Fingers/Toes Individually
Finger Length (Hands) and Toe Length (Feet)
Automatic Rigging Adjustments for the Following Genesis Figure Shapes:
Victoria 4
Victoria 5
Aiko 4
Girl 4
Stephanie 4
Stephanie 5
Michael 4
Michael 5
David 3
Freak 4
Hiro 4
Two Complete Texture Sets for Genesis and the Geo-Graft Items, Silver-Blue and Green Speckled
Ten Eye Colors, Three ‘Human’ and Five ‘Fantasy’
‘Wet Look’ Preset for When Aquatic Is out of Water
ReadMe Document in .pdf Format



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