Freediver Wet Suit and Accessories for Genesis 8 Male(s)

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A two-piece hooded wetsuit with a beavertail jacket, Long John pants and dive socks. A posable low profile dive mask with a snorkel, a weight belt with several adjustment morphs, spearfishing fins and a dive watch with posable hands and calendar complete this stylish set. It comes with three distinct material presets.
What’s Included and Features
Freediver Wet Suit and Accessories for Genesis 8 Male(s)
Wearable Presets:
Each Piece Optimized for Iray
Freediver Complete Camo
Freediver Complete Enzo Duomille
Freediver Complete Hitech
Freediver Dive Mask with Snorkel
Freediver Low Profile Dive Mask:
Adjust Seal Cheek Left
Adjust Seal Cheek Right
Adjust Seal Lip
Adjust Seal Temple Left
Adjust Seal Temple Right
Front Sides Width
Headband Bend Loose Ends
Headband Length
Headband Loose Ends Shorter
Headband Width
Headband Width Backside
Mask Forward-Back
Mask Up
Tilt Mask
Freediver Snorkel:
Mouthpiece Bend
Mouthpiece Side-Side
Tube Up-Down
Freediver Divesocks:
Widen-Tighten Ankles
Freediver Spearfishing Fins:
Fit Boots
Left Blade Bend
Right Blade Bend
Freediver Wetsuit Jacket with Buttons
Freediver Wetsuit Jacket:
Expand All
Folded Hood Flatten Back
Folded Hood Flatten Front
Folded Hood fit Body Size
Folded Hood fit Bodybuilder
Folded Hood fit Heavy
Folded Hood fit Michael 8
Folded Hood fit Portly
Folded Hood fit Stocky
Hood Down
Freediver Wetsuit Pants:
Expand All
Widen-Tighten Ankles
Freediver Dive Watch Left Arm
Freediver Dive Watch:
Elongate-Shorten Wristband
Turn Date
Turn Day
Turn Hour Hand
Turn Minute Hand
Turn Second Hand
Twist Left Side
Twist Right Side
Widen-Tighten Wristband
Freediver Weightbelt:
Adjust Back
Adjust Front
Adjust Left Side
Adjust Right Side
Bend Back
Bend Left Side
Bend Right Side
Tilt Back Weight
Tilt Left Side Weight
Tilt Right Side Weight
Widen-Tighten Belt
Supported Shapes:
Body Size
Body Tone
Body builder
Lucas 8
Michael 8
Other Shapes supported in Daz Studio by Auto-follow
Freediver Dive Mask fit Mouth Snorkel
Freediver Dive Watch Adjust to Wetsuit
Freediver Ears Back
Freediver Ears Forward-Back Zero
Freediver Mouth Snorkel
Freediver Snorkel Mouthpiece to Mouth Lucas 8
Freediver Snorkel Mouthpiece to Mouth Michael 8
Freediver Snorkel Mouthpiece to Mouth
Freediver Snorkel to Mouth Lucas 8
Freediver Snorkel to Mouth Michael 8
Freediver Snorkel to Mouth
Freediver Swimming Pose
Freediver Weightbelt Adjust to Lucas 8
Freediver Weightbelt Adjust to Michael 8
Freediver Weightbelt Adjust to Wetsuit
Material Options:
Freediver Dive Mask Default
Freediver Dive Mask Enzo Duomille
Freediver Dive Mask Hitech
Freediver Dive Watch Dark Dial
Freediver Dive Watch Default
Freediver Divesocks Camo
Freediver Divesocks Enzo Duomille
Freediver Divesocks Hitech
Freediver Fins Camo
Freediver Fins Enzo Duomille
Freediver Fins Hitech
Freediver Jacket Camo
Freediver Jacket Enzo Duomille
Freediver Jacket Hitech
Freediver Pants Camo
Freediver Pants Enzo Duomille
Freediver Pants Hitech
Freediver Weightbelt
Freediver Wetsuit Jacket Button !Read Me
Freediver Wetsuit Jacket Button Camo
Freediver Wetsuit Jacket Button Enzo Duomille
Freediver Wetsuit Jacket Button Hitech
Textures Include:
56 Texture, Bump, Displacement, Normal, and Specular Maps (2048 x 2048 to 4096 x 4096)
Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)
This product includes:
1 DSON Core Installer
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