Fire, Campfire & Cooking Set

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Add fire to your scenes with this campfire and cooking set! With 54 props and other items, from rocks to firewood to eating utensils to poseable smoke, you can create just about any fire scene you like, whether it’s modern campers enjoying a cookout, or a couple of weary Hobbits resting on their way to Mordor, or a witch brewing up a spell for Halloween. Use the set as-is, or customize it any way you like by moving, resizing, adding, or deleting props. The ‘fire’ itself consists of three separate props (each with its own morphs) that can be individually moved, resized, and morphed to customize the fire or make animations. You can also use the fire props to put fire anywhere you want it– in a fireplace, on a torch, in a hibachi, or in the Mil Dragon’s mouth!



ToXic Marion
Darkworld Wings Collection

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