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Sometimes you just want to get out of town, or maybe you feel the urge to go explore the wide expanses left in the world. But you need a way to get to where you’re going…

That’s where Roving for Road ‘n’ Rails comes in. These 20 handcrafted 3D poses and their mirrors (40 poses in total) make it easy to hitch a ride to your next destination. The poses utilize the props found in the Road ‘n’ Rails set by Indigo Janson for that realistic, balanced look you deserve in your artwork.

Also included are wearable presets for the Cardboard Sign, Guitar Case, and Travel Case props to make loading the props from the Road ‘n’ Rails for TerraDome 3 set a snap. The props will load parented in either the left hand or the right hand positions. In the case of the Travel Case, there is a third option to parent it to the hip bone for certain Hierarchical Pose Presets. As an added bonus, there are right and left hand grip poses for each of those props so you can use them easily with your own poses!

These poses were crafted with an attention to detail to make sure each bone is positioned to mimic exact poses referenced from real world examples. And as always, FeralFey poses are fact checked for gravity, balance, and realism.


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