Fantasy IBL – Above the Clouds HDRI

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Fantasy IBL – Above the Clouds HDRI features eight (8) high resolution environments featuring viewpoints that are high in the sky and above the clouds. These awesome Image Based Lighting (IBL) spheres are perfect for all your flights of fantasy! We provide four (4) different locations (Mountain Tops, Desert Sand Dunes, Open Ocean, and a wide grassland Savannah) with both mid-morning/mid-afternoon and sunset/sunrise lighting. We include a camera preset that is locked to the origin so you can freely rotate to choose the most dramatic and pleasing angle for any of your renders. We also include dome rotation presets to make it easy to rotate the dome to get the perfect lighting angle. We have included eight (8) high definition 128 Megapixel HDRI environments (16,384 x 8,192 @ 32-bit) for the absolute most realistic looking environment you can have, but we also include medium resolution (4096 x 2048) and low resolution (1024 x 512) HDRI’s, as well. That way you can still use these with low end machines or to increase responsiveness on more capable systems. Best of all, when you are ready to make your masterpiece, you can switch to the best quality environment with a single click before rendering.


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