Fancy a Game of Chess

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Maybe you are sitting by the fire on a cold winter’s night, and the snow is 6 feet deep outside. The Doctor Who Christmas special is over, and the Christmas food all gone.

Or maybe you are somewhere in a park on a warm sunny day, where strangers and old friends meet. Birds are singing and children are playing.

It is in times like this when Chess comes to mind. No, not Harry Potter chess. Real chess, with pieces to move by hand. A battle of wits and mind.

Let’s see what awaits you in Fancy a Game of Chess.

The board and pieces, that goes without saying. There is a comfy armchair to ponder your moves, 2 tables to play on. An assortment of trophies for the competitive player. Shelves to display those trophies. Chess box, books, chess clock, pictures, soda glass. If you can’t think of any moves, there are 81 presets. They are from a 1972 World Chess Championship game between Bobby Fischer and Boris Spassky.

Okay, shall we play? Do you want to be Black, or White?

Fancy a Game of Chess
Props: (.DUF, .PP2 and .OBJ)
Arm Chair
Chess Table
Round Table
Book 01
Book 02
Chess Box Empty
Chess Box Full
Chess box-closed
Chess Clock
Picture 1
Picture 2
Soda Glass
Trophy 01
Trophy 02
Trophy 03
Trophy 04
81 Preset Chess Moves
Material Options:
Chess Board Material Options:
Checkerboard Black and White
Checkerboard Red and Black M
Checkerboard Wooden
Chessboard Black and White M
Chessboard Wooden
Frame Black
Frame Red
Frame White
Gold Trim
Red Trim
Silver Trim
Whole Board BW
Whole Board Wooden
Wooden Frame Mahogany
Wooden Frame Maple
Chess Pieces Material Options:
Furniture Material Options:
Black Leather
Brown Leather
Mahogany Chair Wood
Mahogany Chess Table
Maple Wood
Pine Chess Table
Pine Wood
Round Table Mahogany
Round Table Pine
Striped Material
White Washed Wood
Misc. Material Options:
Chess Boxes Wood Mahogany
Chess Boxes Wood Pine
Chess Clock Mahogany
Chess Clock Maple
Chess Clock pine
Picture 1 Canvas 1
Picture 1 Canvas 2
Picture 1 Canvas 3
Picture 1 Mahogany Frame
Picture 1 Pine Frame
Picture 2 Canvas 1
Picture 2 Canvas 2
PIcture 2 Canvas 3
PIcture 2 Mahogany Frame
Picture 2 Pine Frame
Shelf Glass
Shelf Holder Gold
Shelf Holder Silver
Shelf Mahogany
Shelf Maple
Shelf Pine
Trophy 01 Black Marble
Trophy 01 Red Marble
Trophy 01 White Marble
Trophy 02 Blue
Trophy 02 Pink
Trophy 03 Black Base
Trophy 03 Blue Base
Trophy 03 Gold
Trophy 03 Silver
Trophy 03 White Base
Trophy 04 Base Default
Trophy 04 Black Marble Top
Trophy 04 Red Marble Top
Trophy 04 White Marble Top
Chess Move Material Option:
Textures Include:
04 Texture, and Bump Maps (2048 x 2048)
71 Texture, Bump and Specular Maps (1024 x 1024)
02 Texture Maps (1024 x 1044)
06 Texture, Bump and Specular Maps (706 x 563)
Texture Templates available through the Product Library
DAZ Studio Material Presets (.DUF)
Poser Custom Material Presets (.DUF and .MC6)


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