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The More Expressions set is conceive to enhance your Genesis 2 Females expressions.

It will use custom morphs to combine with the existing Genesis 2 Female Expressions morphs. For example, Genesis 2 Female comes with a “Scream” morph? Let her make scream MORE. Does she have a “angry” morph? Let her wrath be more realistic!

Have you ever tried to put Genesis 2 Female in real Panic mode with no success..? Now it’s possible… Panic and so much more!

This set is design to be as easy as possible to use.

You’ll have 14 poses (including a RESET pose) to apply automatically the MORE morphs to the corresponding expression morphs. IF you click on the “AFRAID MORE” pose, it will load the G2F “AFRAID” dial at 100% AND the “AFRAID MORE” dial also at 100% and nothing more. You’re there free to add anything you want, to dial any other dials you’ll need to achieve your goal.

On top of that, you’ll have 20 more pose presets, that will combine some MORE morphs with others existing Genesis 2 Female expressions morphs, to create new expressions, like for instance, “Anxious”, “Scared”, “Persuasive”, etc.

The custom morphs have been created at subdivision level : 2

This set will just give you MORE power over Genesis 2 Female expressions possibilities!

This product includes:

1 DSON Core Installer
1 Poser Companion Files Installer



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