Executive Helicopter (Poser, LWO & Obj)

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Exective Helicopter for Poser 5 & up, Lightwave 7 & up, and OBJ

A fully-featured helicopter model for your Poser people, this model includes tons of moving parts and three texture sets (with MAT poses)… which makes it perfect for both still shots and animation.

-Rotating upper blade
-Rotating rear blade
-Raising and lowering rear landing gear (with proper limits)
-Raising and lowering and rotating front gear (with proper limits)
-Opening and closing front right and left doors (with proper limits)
-Opening and closing passenger/ rear doors (with proper limits)

Movement of these parts is easy- just turn the dial on the Body or on the part itself. Full instructions can be found in the readme file.
Full limits have also been placed on the moving parts (where applicable). For example, you CAN NOT move the landing gear or the doors the wrong way, however, the blades DO have a full range of rotation, but they can not be moved in any other direction.

The interior of the Executive Helicopter is a separate figure, for two reasons:
1) You can from the scene if it’s not needed. (Be sure to darken the windows on the Base or you will be able to see the missing interior.)
2) You can replace it with additional interiors.

-Fully furnished interior with 2 pilot seats, 2 passenger seats, and a back bench for 3 more passengers.
-Right and left yokes can move up and down (with proper limits set)
-Right and left control sticks can move left/ right and forward/ back (with proper limits)
Note: foot pedals have been omitted since they can’t be seen

Files included in this package:
Read me file (plain text)
BASE: ExecHeli.lwo, ExecHeli.obj, ExecHeli.cr2
Exterior model: obj, cr2, rsr, png
Interior model: obj, cr2, rsr, png

-“Medical”: jpg images and MAT pose (pz2, rsr, and png)
-“Freedom Air”: jpg images and MAT pose (pz2, rsr, and png)
-“Army”: jpg image and MAT pose (pz2, rsr, and png)
-Templates to create your own textures
MPI files: import them into the MAT Pose Creator to create your own MAT poses.

The Airwolf Bonus files along with a Redwolf/Airwolf II add-on set and 3 other add-on texture sets have been added to the FreeStuff area. Here are the links:



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