Everyday Hands Poses for V4 and M4

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Presenting… a very ‘handy’ product– pun intended! This set includes dozens of hand poses for almost every activity imaginable. Most of the poses are for holding, carrying, or using all manner of props. With this set, your V4 and M4 can easily do just about anything – hold a cell phone… eat with chopsticks (or with a knife and fork)… measure out a three-finger pinch of spice for cooking… present a business card… line up a basketball shot… puff on a cigar… and just about anything else you want.

Even if a pose isn’t exactly what you need for a specific prop, you can find a pose that’s ‘close’ and easily adapt it for that prop – much faster and easier than posing a hand ‘from scratch’.

The poses affect only the fingers, so you can pose the arm and hand any way you like, then apply the desired hand pose. You can also use these hand poses in conjunction with any other pose set. Just apply the primary pose for the body, then apply the desired hand pose.



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