Ethriel’s Bower

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Deep in the forest is a place no one goes… it is said to be a magic place — a place of dreams and deep thoughts. Nature exists in harmony in this bower, which is sometimes called an Elven gazebo. Vines twist and cling to the high trellis, glowing in the light sifting through the fingers of the branches above. Ethriel’s Bower is an area of contemplation. Elven designs adorn the structure, along with vines that are a testament to the bower’s age. The bower makes a perfect backdrop to nature-themed renders, or even as an artistic centerpiece to a garden scene. The set is split into three separate pieces — the bower, butterfly seat, and foliage — to increase the versatility. These can be loaded separately, or all be loaded at once using the preload preset. What dreams come to you in this place?



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