Epic Props: Dynamic Lens Flare & Starburst for Iray

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Wow, pure eye-candy for Iray!

Now you can play with light in a new way! Make it dance; make it sparkle; add new life to your old scenes. With this dynamic lens flare and starburst set, you not only get a real 3D light set with real props (not just Photoshop brushes), but you also get full motion dynamics, meaning it interacts with your scene and dynamically moves with the camera to simulate real lens flares!* Incredible! Plus it comes with tons of extra features and options (over 82 textures to choose from), including camera glare (light leaks), light flashes, camera streaks, chroma-hoops, light fog, and more.

And the setup is quite simple: There is one camera, and one light, and a lot of stuff in between that makes everything look pretty. As you move the camera or light source, the flares move accordingly, just like in real life (See demonstration and tutorial videos below).

This product includes:
1 DSON Core Installer

View the tutorial video



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