Environment Tool Kit Volume 1: Dragon World

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Using the Environment Tool Kit, stunning images and animation can be created. Build worlds for Dragons to roam in and skies for Dragons to fly through. With the Environment Tool Kit Volume 1 Preset OBPs, Materials, and Skies, natural scene construction is faster & easier.

Environment Tool Kit is an assorted collection of terrains, trees, materials, and skies, custom-made to create unique landscape and seascape scenery. One tiled terrain is made specifically for rolling ocean water, rolling grass plains or sand dunes. Another is more detailed for rough and rocky environments. Six stand alone terrains range from dunes to mesas. To texture the stand-alone and tiled terrains there are 20 material presets, ranging from sand, snow, rock, and water.

A collection of custom-made (Bryce 5) trees are also include. Some have new custom leaf shapes and accessories. Each has been pre-textured for fast and easy use.

Six Sky presets are included and six volume materials to capture different times of the day and weather conditions.



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