Enforcer for V4

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MN ~Lillian~ For V4.1
ApoGraphix' MaryAnn for V3

“Whether you want her to take charge on or off the streets, Enforcer for V4 and V4.1 is the ideal fantasy cop outfit, but with MourningSunDesign’s photorealistic trademark. Textured from high resolution photographs and modelled to exact dimensions wherever possible, this seductive yet classy outfit is versatile enough for a wide variety of scenes.”

Conforming boots
Conforming shorts
Conforming shirt
Conforming belt
Conforming thigh holster
Smartpropped handgun (hand and holster)
Smartpropped cap

High Resolution textures
Selection of body-shaping morphs
Hand pose for handgun included



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MN ~Lillian~ For V4.1
ApoGraphix' MaryAnn for V3

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