El Rey Calavera by Vampiros Hermosos

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What is the terrifying secret of the Masked Menace of Malas Flores?

Once he was Hector Obregon, ?El Calavero?, the pride of Chihuahua, the most promising newcomer in the world of Lucha Libre.
When the small man in the skull mask climbed the ropes for his famous ?leap of fury,? wrestling fans knew they were in for a show. He had many imitators, all wearing variations on his famous mask.

He was almost too good. Unable to beat him in the ring, his rivals spread dark rumors. There were allegations he was receiving ?special shots? from doctors on the American side of the border.

Then, one dark night in 1955, he failed to appear for a title match. His rivals jeered. The pint-sized luchador, they said, had lost una apuesta con el Diablo, a bet with the devil himself, and the devil had collected.

Suddenly, he reappeared, changed, dark, twisted. Horrifyingly, his mask, was now a permanent part of him. He calls himself ?El Rey Calavera??, ?The Skull King?. What happened to him?

Premium custom character for M4 by Tony Puryear and Damsel1, the team behind Vampire Frida?. Try all the Vampiros Hermosos? characters, and scare yourself silly!

Required Products:
M4 Bodysuit
Michael 4 Creature Creator Morphs


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