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She can be a warrioress, an amazingly beautiful woman of our times, or the mysterious protagonist of a sword and sorcery tale or legend. Barbara is perfect for any theme. A must have!

Barbara is a very versatile character for Genesis 3 Female, with lots of features that you can use to get many different looks:

CUSTOM SCULPTED MORPHS: Head morph with unique facial features that was made thinking in beauty proportions, vampire fangs that are scaled and positioned to be visible in expressions in a natural way, stilletto nails, long squared nails, and a custom morph that simulates the external Anatomical Elements. All these morphs only need Genesis 3 Female Base.

TWO BODY SHAPES: You can choose between a slender body and a stronger, more muscular body. The body uses the Genesis 3 Female Body Mophs, for maximum compatibility with clothing.

SKIN DETAIL: Barbara has a specially detailed skin, including skin features like pores, moles and variations found in human skin that will give you the quality you need for the new generation of NVIDIA Iray renders. She includes materials both for Iray and for 3Delight. You can use Barbara with or without makeup, if you want to show her natural detailed skin, giving you the possibility to render her in all the moments of her virtual life and situations.

SPECIAL MAKEUP AND EYES OPTIONS: Barbara has casual makeups and perfectly matching lipsticks and nail colors, and also four special fantasy makeups: War Paint, Tribal Signs, Celtic Blue, and Sorceress Makeup, and two tribal lipsticks in dark and blue. She also includes two special eyes: with white iris, and all deep blue eyes without pupils.

TATTOOS: With total freedom, you can also apply her tattoos where you want them (on each arm or both, in the abdomen, in the chest only or in all the torso), and has an extra detail icon to add extra pore detail for her skin, that can be added or removed independently.

What’s Included and Features
EJ Barbara for Genesis 3 Female: (.DUF)
EJ Barbara Character Preset
EJ Barbara Extra Detail for skin Apply/Remove
EJ Barbara Head Morph Apply/Remove
EJ Barbara Body Morphs Apply/Remove
EJ Barbara Muscular Body Morphs Apply/Remove
EJ Barbara Vampire Fangs Apply/Remove
EJ Barbara Long Nails Apply/Remove
EJ Barbara Stiletto Nails Apply/Remove
EJ Barbara Anatomical Elements Morph Apply/Remove
EJ Barbara Character Full Apply/Remove
EJ Barbara Nipples Apply/Remove
Material Options:
Iray and 3Delight Options for Each Material Preset
EJ Barbara Base Mat First
EJ Barbara Base Mat
EJ Barbara Extra Detail !Info
EJ Barbara Extra Detail Apply
EJ Barbara Extra Detail Remove
EJ Barbara Eyelashes Brown
EJ Barbara Eyelashes Dark
EJ Barbara Eyelashes White
EJ Barbara Eyes 01
EJ Barbara Eyes 02
EJ Barbara Eyes 03
EJ Barbara Eyes 04
EJ Barbara Eyes 05
EJ Barbara Eyes 06
EJ Barbara Eyes 07
EJ Barbara Eyes 08
EJ Barbara Eyes 09
EJ Barbara Eyes 10
EJ Barbara Lips 01
EJ Barbara Lips 02
EJ Barbara Lips 03
EJ Barbara Lips 04
EJ Barbara Lips 05
EJ Barbara Lips 06
EJ Barbara Lips 07
EJ Barbara Lips 08
EJ Barbara Lips 09
EJ Barbara Lips Natural
EJ Barbara Makeup 01
EJ Barbara Makeup 02
EJ Barbara Makeup 03
EJ Barbara Makeup 04
EJ Barbara Makeup 05
EJ Barbara Makeup 06
EJ Barbara Makeup 07
EJ Barbara Makeup 08
EJ Barbara Makeup 09
EJ Barbara Makeup 10
EJ Barbara Makeup 11
EJ Barbara Makeup Remove
EJ Barbara Nails 01
EJ Barbara Nails 02
EJ Barbara Nails 03
EJ Barbara Nails 04
EJ Barbara Nails 05
EJ Barbara Nails 06
EJ Barbara Nails French
EJ Barbara Nails Natural
EJ Barbara Tattoos 0 Remove All
EJ Barbara Tattoos 00 Abdomen Only
EJ Barbara Tattoos 00 All Body
EJ Barbara Tattoos 00 All Torso
EJ Barbara Tattoos 00 Chest Only
EJ Barbara Tattoos 000 Both Arms
EJ Barbara Tattoos 000 Left Arm
EJ Barbara Tattoos 000 Right Arm
Textures Include:
89 Texture, Bump, Displacment, Normal, and Specular Maps (1000 x 1000 to 4096 x 4096)
This product uses the Genesis 3 Female Base Female UV Maps
Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)
Daz Studio 3Delight Material Presets (.DUF)
This product includes:
1 DSON Core Installer


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    February 24, 2017

    The sider does not seem to change anything is there something im missing to make it work?

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    February 24, 2017

    Nvm I fix it I need to download Genesis Female 3 morphs, for some reason I never had it downloaded

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