EJ Alien Creator Morphs for Genesis 8 Female(s)

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EJ Alien Creator Morphs for Genesis 8 Female(s) is a pack of 127 morphs to create custom aliens and sci-fi creatures of all kinds, from sinister to friendly ones, and the only limit is your imagination. You have lots of morphs to change every part of the head, and 7 bodies. In addition you have 7 already made morph presets of head and body (Grey, Amphibian, Averan, Saturnian, Plutonian, Venusian, and Reticulian).

Each face feature is a shape that doesn’t exist in the human beings, so all together can create faces that are truly alien. For the bodies you have 7 typical alien body shapes: slender and tall, short and chubby, voluptuous and beautiful, extremely thin…

You can also mix them with character morphs or other Genesis 8 Female morphs to create different people of the same alien species. Or use some of these morphs over a human head to create hybrids, or give a special physical trait to them, as longer head or peculiar cheekbones or lips, or bigger eyes. Other uses are possible, for example for fantasy genres: make another facial feature for the elves of your universe that is not only the usual pointed ears, or create new fantasy races.

This product also includes 7 full alien presets, as well as 7 full head presets, and icons to load each of the bodies of these presets, making it easy to mix these heads and bodies. These presets are samples of what you can do. The number of new alien heads you can do with the 120 head morphs is virtually unlimited. A must have for any sci-fi Genesis 8 render!

This is a morphs product, no textures are included.

EASE OF USE: In addition to the 7 body dials, all the 120 head dials are divided in categories with the name of the head/face part that they affect, so you can give shape to an alien quickly and in a creative way. In addition you have 7 already made alien presets that are applied with icons. There are also Zero icons to reset a category of morphs, so for example in case that you are making the brows, and want to reset only those to start again, you can do it easily using the Zero Brows icon.

TYPICAL ALIEN PRESETS: The alien presets included feature some of the most typical alien species: the sinister Grey that comes to abduct people at night, the fun and weird Venusian, the little chubby Saturnian, the two brained Reticulian, the beautiful Plutonian girl, the stylized Averan, or the Amphibian alien that can live in the oceans. It is easy that you get inspired to make other classical extraterrestrials like the Pig Man, or the goblin type from Alpha Centaury, as morphs for making them exist in this pack, which has been made studying the sources of ufology and cryptology.

USABILITY FEATURES: These morphs work on Genesis 8 Female(s), and all figures based on her.

What’s Included and Features

EJ Alien Creator Morphs for Genesis 8 Female(s): (.DUF)
127 Alien Creator Morphs Morphs (.DUF): •07 Alien Body Morphs
•10 Alien Brows
•10 Alien Cheekbones
•10 Alien Cheeks
•10 Alien Chins
•10 Alien Ears
•10 Alien Eyes
•8 Alien Face Shapes
•11 Alien Foreheads
•11 Head Shapes
•10 Alien Jaws
•10 Alien Lips
•10 Alien Noses

07 Full Alien Presets (.DUF): •Amphibian

07 Alien Head Presets (.DUF): •Amphibian

07 Alien Body Presets (.DUF): •Amphibian

13 Zeroes for the morphs (.DUF): •Zero Alien Bodies
•Zero Alien Brows
•Zero Alien Cheekbones
•Zero Alien Cheeks
•Zero Alien Chins
•Zero Alien Ears
•Zero Alien Eyes
•Zero Alien Face Shapes
•Zero Alien Foreheads
•Zero Alien Head Shapes
•Zero Alien Jaws
•Zero Alien Lips
•Zero Alien Noses


This product includes: •1 DSON Core Installer

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