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A Science Fiction/Anime inspired outfit. Vicki dissing the Evil Overlord or wielding a Way Too Big sword while stomping on Puchuu 😀 Either way she’s dressed for success! This super conforming outfit for V4, A4 and the Girl 4, consists of a Top, Briefs and Left and Right Leggings. It comes with 7 high resolution texture maps – Avatar, Core, Cyber, Electric, Matrix, Neuro and Re-L as well as 6 coloured mat pose files in Black, Brown, Gold, Green, Silver and Turquoise. There are material files for both Poser and Daz Studio.
MORPHS Eilir All Figures
FULL BODY Amazon Body Builder Bulk Fitness Pear Figure Thin Voluptuous Young
AIKO 4 A4 Body A4 Petite Realistic Stylized
The Girl
Eilir Top
BREAST Breasts Size Breasts Large Breasts Cleavage Breasts Cleavage Width Breasts Diameter Breasts Flatten Breasts Hang Forward Breasts Implant Breasts Natural Breasts Perk Breasts Droop Nipples Nipple Height Nipple Depth Areola Perk
LOWER TORSO Torso Thickness Waist Width Belly Thickness Belly Smooth
ADJUSTMENT MORPHS Adjust Right side Adjust Left Side Adjust Front Adjust Cups Adjust Breasts Adjust Back Adjust Torso up
Eilir Briefs
LOWER TORSO Torso Thickness Waist Width Tummy Out Stomach Depth Hip Size Belly Thin Belly Thickness Belly Smooth
GLUTE Glute Size Glute Raise L Glute Raise R
LEG-FOOT Thighs Tone Thighs Thickness
ADJUSTMENT MORPHS Adjust Right Side Adjust Left Side Adjust Stomach Adjust Hips Adjust Buttocks Adjust Thighs Adjust Waist
Eilir Leggings
LOWER TORSO Torso Thickness Hip Size
GLUTE Glute Size Glute Raise L Glute Raise R
LEG_FOOT Thighs Thickness Thighs Tone Shins Thickness Calves Flex
ADJUSTMENT MORPHS Adjust Thighs Adjust Shins Leg Cuff Morphs Hang Forward Hang Back Hang Right Hang Left Length Width
Avatar, Black, Brown, Core, Cyber, Electric, Gold, Green, Matrix, Neuro, Re-L, Silver, Turquoise Product Includes:
Left & Right Leggings
MAT POSE FILES – Black, Brown, Core, Cyber, Electric, Gold, Green, Matrix, Neuro, Re-L, Silver, Turquoise. Included are material files for Daz Studio.



CyberMecha ScorDrillz
Render Dots

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