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Eezra for V4.2 includes:

1 Natural head texture (hair and no-hair)
1 Bump map for the head
1 Specular map for the head
10 additional make-up heads (hair and no-hair, so 20 in total)
1 Body texture (Torso/Limbs) (hair and no-hair)
1 Bump map for the body (Torso/Limbs)
1 Specular map for the body (Torso/Limbs)
5 Eye colors + 1 Bump Map
1 Reflection Map
3 Second skin + Bump, Specular and Displacement maps for the torso
1 Teeth/Gum map + Bump Map
1 Lash trans
5 Nail colors

1 Head INJ and REM for V4
1 Eye Fix
1 Body INJ and REM for V4 (++ Morphs required)

All needed Matfiles for Poser and DS Matfiles for Daz Studio.
AO and non-AO options included.
The Matfile for the Second Skin options have a Remove function also.



Cyborg Version 4


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    December 8, 2012

    Thanks a lot for this character!

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    December 8, 2012

    love the make-ups…thank you kindly

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