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Easy Shape Master – Age Control and Body Tuning for Genesis 8 Female

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Do you want to adjust the shape of Genesis 8 Female to make her younger or older? A more muscular or a chubby body shape?
Are you tired of dialing in and adjusting dozens of morphs to get what you want?
This product takes over this work for you by utilizing dozens of the Head- and Body morphs and making the needed adjustments to the character’s shape.
Both head- and body morphs are utilized to gain most detail.
You can either use the provided presets for age, body definition and chubbiness or use the provided dials to step less adjust the appearance of the shape and fine tune it to get the shape you like.
The Daz Original Head- and Body Morphs work perfectly with Genesis 8 Female Characters and we take advantage here of this fact by intensively utilizing them. You can, of course, use other morphs as well to adjust the shapes even more.
Age dials/presets can be mixed with the body tuning dials/presets (chubbiness/muscularity) so that you can have for instance a girl with strong muscularity or a chubby older lady etc. There are almost endless possibilities to mix and match the controls.
The body tuning options keep active while switching the age presets, so you can see how the actual shaping looks on a young girl, a teen girl or old woman.
This add on works best with the Genesis 8 Female Base Character without any morphs/shapes applied. However the controls work with any Genesis 8 Female based character, so you can turn Victoria 8 into a teen for instance.
You can also make any shape more muscular or chubby in relation to their default shape.
Included are also dials and presets for breast shape/size, nipple and navel adjustments to fine tune your shapes.
Your settings can be saved as shape presets of course.
Please note that the actual effect of the controls may vary depending what character you are using and what other morphs/controls/shape presets are used/dialed in as well.
What’s Included and Features
• Morph Control Dials:
? Younger Shape
? Older Shape
? Nipples Adjust
? Navel Adjust
? Muscular Shape
? Chubby Shape
? Breast Shape Adjusment
? Breast Adjusment
? Breast Smoothing
• Shape Presets: (.DUF)
? Age Presets
? Preteen Girl
? Young Teen Girl
? Mid Teen Girl
? Older Teen Girl
? Adult Woman
? Woman Mid Aged
? Woman Older
? Woman Elderly
? Breast Adjustment Presets for Each Age Preset
? 7 Muscular Body Definition Presets + 1 Reset
? 7 Chubby Body Presets + 1 Reset Preset
? 4 Navel Shape Presets
? 1 Reset Preset for all controls

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Genesis 8 http://3d-stuff.ru/genesis-8-starter-essentials/


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