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This Pack includes:

– 5 Ear Wraps sets for both ears of different shapes for V4 and A4
– They come in version of left and right ears to be used together or independently. Some of them can
also be combined with earrings.
– All ear wraps auto-adapt to the morphs Aiko4Head and EarsIn-Out, but you can still dial these morphs if you
wish or need
– You can adapt to other figures’ heads using the translate and scale dials. For example, to adapt it to Genesis
or M4. You can also dial the EarsIn-Out dial by hand if the ears of the figure are more spread

– Elven Calls: multiple filament ear wrap with the detail of magic elven trumpets and frills. You can set the
metal to all gold, all silver, silver and gold alternated with golden frills, and artissan’s gold (smooth and
rough gold)
– FantasySwirl: elven ear wrap with frills, that can be set to all gold, all silver, silver with gold frills,
and artisan’s gold
– MoonShine: Carefully crafted ear wrap with stars and frills, and a moon with face and a hanging star. You can
move and rotate the moon and the star independently in all directions and several angles (set desired rotation
morph to 1, others to zero). Mat poses are: bronze wrap and star borders and platinum frills and moon and stars
in bluish turquoise, all gold, all silver, and silver with stars and moon in greenish turquoise
– Triskeles: ear wrap of Celtic inspiration, that can be set all gold, all silver, silver and gold, or artisan’s
– TribalRites: ear wrap that is ideal for priestess or other fantasy characters and has a hanging chain and an
ornament, and can be set to all silver, all gold, gold with silver and artisan’s gold.

– Render settings and instructions in JPG to enter them for Poser and Daz Studio

Morphs List: in all of them: FHMA4AikoBase and PHMEarsIn-Out.
In MoonShine: (categories: MoveMoon, RotateMoon, MoveStar, RotateStar)
In TribalRites: Chain_OutIn (morph to swing the chain in and out)

Poser 6 and up, or DS3 and up.
These props are for DAZ’s Victoria 4, and works too for Aiko 4
PC Compatible. Not tested in Mac.


GI Dome 1
DM's Aeternitatis


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    June 28, 2013

    these are so nice..thank you Kruela

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