Dystopian Attack Craft Erinyes-Mk5

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Named for the ancient Greek goddesses of vengeance, the Erinyes-Mk5 is one of Dystopia’s most feared weapons. Packing a whopping 68 missiles and bristling with guns, this craft is capable of pounding even the most heavily fortified targets to rubble.

The Erinyes is powered by dual wing engines, triple rear nacelles and twin side-mounted booster rockets. Its top speed is classified but is rumored to be well into the hypersonic range and it’s system of pivoting wings and tail fins make it highly maneuverable.

There’s a joke among it’s gunners that when spotting a legitimate target, they are often overwhelmed by the enormous number of options at their disposal for destroying it. Like the mythological deities whose name it bears, the Erinyes stands ready to unleash its vengeful fury upon the enemies of Dystopia.



Cheo Wear
The Boiler Room


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