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DynCreator for DazStudio transform any prop into a “dynamic cloth” compatible with the Optitex dynamic cloth plugin present into DazStudio.

DazStudio already has a plugin to use Dynamic Cloth. But this plugin is only compatible with Optitex based Dynamic clothing. So, except if you already have a Optitex cloth, you cannot use dynamic cloth with DazStudio. And unless you buy the expensive Optitex tool to create your own dynamic clothes, you cannot create dynamic clothing compatible with DazStudio. What is really annoying.

Now, with this script, you are able to create your own dynamic cloth for DazStudio. You only need to have your cloth or your fabric imported as a prop. run the script, and your prop will be compatible with Optitex dynamic cloth plugin.

You can use this script:
* To create yourself a dynamic cloth or a dynamic prop
* To convert a Poser dynamic cloth to a DazStudio dynamic cloth
* To convert a conforming cloth into a dynamic cloth (can required some competences in 3D modeling)

This product only transform a prop in a dynamic cloth compatible with Optitex technology.

It will not check if your prop geometry is compliant with dynamic cloth.

Indeed, because conforming cloth are not originally build to be used as a dynamic cloth, if you don’t check and adjust initial cloth geometry to be compliant with dynamic cloth, using this script to transform a conforming cloth into a dynamic cloth can create unwanted results.

Therefore, if you try to transform a conforming cloth into a dynamic cloth, please use a clothe where all vertices are interconnected (no independent buttons, … or others separates items). Otherwise, part of your cloth will not drape correctly on your figure and part of the cloth will drip down to the floor.


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