Dynamic Supersuit Set 1 Worlds Finest

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Rawaii Poses for Genesis
Limo Dreams


The superhero comic book universe, now playground of Hollywood, has several types of capes from many of its iconic characters. In this, the first of a series, we set to adapt the most original and recognized cape designs to the Optitex/DAZ library.

Set #1 World’s Finest; consists of four dynamic capes with controllable loops rigged for Genesis Michael 5 and Michael 5 Hero but compatible with the Victoria 5 Supermodel morph at 104% scale. Plus two dynamic cowls, a hood, a series of no ears morphs and smart props for Genesis Michael and Victoria. (The Shadow Capes include two styles: Open and Closed.)

We also include DAZ Supersuit matching mat poses for some of the styles included in this set.

NOTE: These Dynamic Clothing items have been designed to work with Genesis and were rigged with the Michael 5 and Michael 5 Hero morphs. Use the regular Michael 5 rigged versions of these items with Victoria 5 Supermodel by scaling Genesis to 104%. They may be used with any other figure or Genesis morph you choose, but with varying results.



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Rawaii Poses for Genesis
Limo Dreams

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