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Bliss is a living doll. Really! There are two painted doll options (Steam and White) plus the option of using a regular texture with the doll joints. Bliss’s unique face is a combination of a custom morph and DAZ’s Genesis 8 female morphs. Her body was sculpted by carefully tweaking DAZ’s Genesis 8 female morphs which means better clothing compatability. Bliss’s skin was created using photo resources and hand painting with bump, specularity and subsurface scattering maps specially engineered to bring out every realistic detail.

• Bliss Head INJ/REM
• Bliss Body INJ/REM
• Bliss Nipples INJ/REM
• Bliss Elf Ears INJ/REM
• Bliss Long Nails INJ/REM
• 12 Eyecolors
• 9 Makeups & No Makeup
• 2 Geo Shell Doll Wearables
• 4 Eye Reflections
• 9 Nailcolors & Plain
• 8 Lipcolors & Bare
• Plain & Mascara Lashes
• Gloss, Super Gloss & Matte Lip Shaders
• Nails High Gloss, Add & Remove Sparkle Shaders
• 2 LIE Eyeliners
• LIE Brow
• 5 Color Options for V8 Brows
• 3 LIE Pubic Hair Options
• 2 LIE Eyeliners


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