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Latest update, PC and Mac, 32 and 64 bits, 65.2 mb, usuful for Daz Dragon 3. Poser users can now enjoy the technological advancements of the award-winning Genesis Figure platform in Poser.

The DAZ Scene Object Notation (DSON) Importer enables the loading and use of models and figures created for the Genesis platform in Poser.

By installing this DAZ Add-On for Poser, users can load Genesis figures directly into Poser and enjoy the benefits of both Poser AND the Genesis Figure Platform.

Figures, Props, Morphs and UVs created for Genesis can all be brought directly into Poser via the DSON importer.

No additional steps are required by Poser users to install or load compatible products.

Once the DSON for Poser Importer is installed, Genesis figures that are marked as DSON Importer for Poser compatible can be installed and loaded into Poser just like any other Poser figures.

Additional files have been created for DSON Importer compatible Genesis products that guide the installation of the products into the correct Poser directories. This enables Poser users to install and interact with Genesis content very much like they would with native Poser figures.

The ?Genesis Starter Essentials? content is included with the DSON Importer as a separate installer. The Genesis Starter Essentials content represents the Genesis ?base? content and should be downloaded and installed as part of DSON Importer installation process.

If you are a Poser user, download and install the DSON Importer for Poser and begin to enjoy the benefits of Genesis in Poser today!


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