Dragon Touched for Dragon Princess

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Dragon Touch is inspired by the power of the legendary Dragons.

Translate your beautiful Dragon Princess into Night Dragon, give her the power of Dragon Flower or the subtle energies of the Forest Dragon.

Required Products: Dragon Princess, Dragon Princess Jewels

What’s Included & Features

5 New Textures for Dragon Princess
Sky Dragon
Dragon Flower
Forest Dragon
Night Dragon
Eternal Dragon

5 MATs for the Hanfu
5 MATs for the Headpiece
5 MATs for the Shoes
5 MATs for the Hair Bow

Textures Include
17 Overskirt Textures, Bump and Spec (35000×3500)
13 Shoe Textures, Bump and Spec (2000×2000)
16 Sleeves Textures, Bump and Spec (25000×2500)
16 Top Textures, Bump and Spec (25000×2500)
12 Underskirt Textures, Bump and Spec (35000×3500)

Poser Material Poses (.PZ2)
DAZ Studio Material Presets (.DUF)

Required: Link to post:
Dragon Princess http://3d-stuff.ru/dragon-princess/
Dragon Princess Jewels http://3d-stuff.ru/dragon-princess-jewels/


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