Dragon Ink – Loryn for Steph Petite & Aiko

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Envied for their bond to the huge predators of the skies, these Dragon Folk are a special caste of humans. They honor the memory and grace of the great dragons by turning their bodies into living canvases with their mysterious magical tattooed art.
This secret art is preserved by the elders of the clan, the female ruler ‘Honored Mother’ and the senior male leader the ‘Honored Hunter’. Beginning as simple designs of clouds and swirls and gradually becoming more elaborate over many decades, these tattoos are rumored to grant the DragonFolk long life and youthful appearance that only fades upon the death of the host. For these reasons many have sought the mysteries of the magic of the DragonFolk’s art.
Now you can gain the secrets of the mysterious DragonFolk through the knowledge of the Honored Mother Loryn.
Loryn comes with highly detailed tattoos and two face make up maps to enhance her majesty and mystery. She also has a plain texture for a more subtle look, and several eye and reflections to choose from.

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