Donuts & Coffee

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Pappy's Just Fruit
Cherry Pie


“Pappy’s Donuts & Coffee” can be used in most any 3D application compatible with .obj files.
What you get: A Cup of Coffee, Styrofoam take-out covered cup filled to the brim with delicious coffee, Seven assorted donuts (Filled and round, Plain and frosted). Of course there is also a plate to put the donuts on and a spoon to stir the coffee.

The styrofoam cup parts, (Coffee and top) are parented to the styrofoam cup and can be removed if you so desire. The coffee in the coffee cup is parented to the coffee cup also when you load it from the Library. The coffee in the styrofoam cup and the coffee cup can be rotated with the parameter dials to simulate tilting coffee for animations or still close-ups.



Pappy's Just Fruit
Cherry Pie

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