DM’s Time Prisoners – Origins

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For DM’s 10th Anniversary we wanted to bring back a concept that through the years has been one of our favorites.
Time and its legacy of despair and incertitude. This is the New Time Prisoners – Origins. Although some of the shapes might look familiar to our old customers, the whole mesh content has been redesigned and remade. We added new props along with all new poses, expressions and so much more. The general look that we have gone after is the simple look of old symbols, wounded “by time”. Objects that we believe can deliver their message in a powerful graphic way.


8 premade Scenes (.PZ3)
18 Props (.OBJ + .PP2)

– MainBase
– Platform
– 2 Machines
– 2 Huds
– Window Wall
– Dungeon Wall
– Arch
– Spike Wall
– Time Throne
– 2 Big Gears
– Burner
– 2 Hourglasses
– 1 Hourglass smartproped to V4
– 1 Staff, smartproped to V4
– Floor

40 Poses for V4 (20 left, 20 right)
12 Expressions for V4
2 Hand poses for V4
6 Materials (Fire On/Off, Staff Red/Blue, Glass Real/Fake)
8 Light settings
8 Camera settings

The whole content of this package has been optimized for Poser 7 and above.
Not tested in DazStudio.



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