DMs Dark Shrine

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DMs Dark Shrine

Welcome to the Dark Shrine, a place where you can hold sacred rituals by candlelight and chase the shadows of your nightmares (although I hear most Shadow Nightmares prefer Freeze Tag to chase, but they are usually so starved for attention, they will play just about anything).
Come and explore this tomb of misfortunate souls, where both angels and demons roam freely in the hallowed halls of this dark fantasy. It is amazing that despite their clearly divergent goals, they are able to get along here. Perhaps at one point, loing ago, before the ancient mystics of Neveryear and Spite, some wise Prophetess declared this area ‘base’ so that all could dwell here in safety.

DMs Dark Shrine


SilverKey 3d Giraffe
Fairytale Collection ? Fairytale Castle Textures


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