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VH Shiara
Forest Poses for Genesis and Genesis 2

Are you new to using shaders in DAZ Studio and want a versatile set to get you started? Do you already have a huge shader collection but are always looking for more? If you answered yes to either question, Shader Essentials is right for you. Included are 138 of the most commonly used types of shaders to instantly transform your favorite clothing, architecture or props. All shader tiles are unique, not simply recolored, with bump maps and surface settings customized for each tile to give the best results. Most tiles are 2000 X 2000 to minimize repeating patterns on larger surfaces. Try them on jewelry, bottles, sculpture, clothing, furniture, walls and floors.

Shader Essentials is based off of the UberSurface shader for maximum digital animation versatility. The textures auto-convert excellently to LuxRender through the Luxus plug-in.

Also included is a user guide/tutorial that shows in detail how to apply a shader and walks you through some of the more common adjustments that may need to be made based on the item and the requirements of the scene.

22 Basic Fabric Shaders:
2 Boucle
Purple Weave
2 Chunky Knit
2 Crinkle
2 Denim
4 Satin
2 Linen
4 Sweater Knit
2 Tweed
18 Art Glass Shaders
22 Leather Shaders:
3 Blue
5 Brown
White Cell
3 Red
26 Stone Shaders:
2 Black and White Marble
Black Stone
Blue Tile
4 Brown Stone
4 Cracked Stone
2 Floor Tile
3 Grey Tile
Painted Wall
3 Plaster
Red Brick
3 Rough Stone
3 Stone
22 Velvet Shaders:
2 Black
4 Blue
3 Green
2 Pink
4 Purple
3 Red
28 Wood Shaders: – 14 vertical and matching 14 horizontal
6 Aged
2 Brown
Cherry Plank
3 Gold
Brown Plank
Textures Include:
244 Texture, Bump and Normal Maps (500 x 500 to 2417 x 2000)
DAZ Studio Shader Presets (.DUF)


VH Shiara
Forest Poses for Genesis and Genesis 2

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