dforce Sweet & Sexy Dress Two G3FG8F

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dforce Sweet & Sexy 2 G3FG8F

So Sweet! So Sexy!
Bring real life to your scenes!

dforce is not required to use this product but most Undress and Windy morphs require it.
Info on dforce: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oKdVVimeWRg

• 1 dforce Dress G3F
• 1 dforce Dress G8F

• 12 Mat Presets for the Dress including variations + Easy to See

• 5 Hide Partial Mat Presets + Reset

• 12 IRAY Material Presets only

• 7 One click undress morphs + Reset G3F
• 9 One click undress morphs + Reset G8F

• 11 One click Windy morphs + Reset G3F
• 13 One click Windy morphs + Reset G8F

• 4 One click To Floor + Reset

• Dynamic & All Restore

• 8 Surface Presets + Default G3F…
• 9 Surface Presets + Default G8F…

• **2 hang Injections for the Dress + Reset (1 for TakeTen Hanger + 1 for OhSoHot Hanger)


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VERSUS - dforce Sweet & Sexy Dress Two G3FG8F
Fantasy-Anime-Cosplay 1 _ Yoko _ for G3F G8F

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