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Have you ever created the perfect scene, with the perfect materials, just for it to be ruined by unrealistic folds on your clothes?
Have you ever tried to play with the brand new dForce Engine, but there are simply too many parameters?
Have you ever wanted to simulate clothes other than dresses or skirts, but have no clue how to start?
Have you ever hoped that dForce will work on older generations of clothes?
Now, the frustration is over!
Introducing the second product of the dForce Master Series – dForce Cloth Simulation Presets!
The simulation presets is designed to minimize the complexity of the dForce engine, to as easy as simple click of buttons, and to maximize the compatibility of the older generation clothes, from Genesis 3, Genesis 2 or even earlier, that are not dForce supported!
Apply the presets on dresses, skirts, tights, pants, corsets, shirts, or any other clothes you can think of, and watch them simulate, just like in real life!
You can be adventurous and attempt crazy art and animations that were never possible before, or you can be simple, making your clothes fold, and rest on just any surfaces!
The product also comes with a detailed, image based tutorial on how to simulate your clothes in dForce Engine!
It’s time to exceed the boundaries of dForce Engine, and go on a brand new journey with dForce Cloth Simulation Presets!


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