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dForce HD Wet and Dry Baby Doll Outfit for Genesis 8 Female(s)

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First time ever dForce ready soaking wet Baby Doll Dress!

Classic baby doll dress with ruffles and laces comes with dry option and wet option with HD Morph.

Geometry Shell Wet Boots, Geometry Shell Underwear and Geometry Shell Wet Skin included. Product also contains short PDF dForce Guide and promo scenes with dForce simulation – Promo Beach Scene and Carousel Scene.

Bonus Files must have the listed products for them to load
What’s Included and Features
dForce HD Wet and Dry Baby Doll Outfit for Genesis 8 Female(s) (.DUF)
Baby Doll Dress
Baby Doll Boots
Geometry Shell Wet Boots
Geometry Shell Underwear
Geometry Shell Wet Skin
Beach Ground
Sea Surface
Morphs and Adjustments
Expand Abdomen Lower
Expand Abdomen Upper
Expand Collar L
Expand Collar R
Expand Chest Lower
Expand Chest Upper
Expand Pectoral L
Expand Pectoral R
Expand Pelvis
Expand Shoulder L
Expand Shoulder L2
Expand Shoulder R
Expand Shoulder R2
Expand Thigh L
Expand Thigh L2
Expand Thigh R
Expand Thigh R2
Show Breast L
Show Breast L-1
Show Breast L-2
Show Breast L-3
Show Breast R
Show Breast R-1
Show Breast R-2
Show Breast R-3
String Bend L
String Bend R
String Move L
String Move R
String Side L
String Side R
Wet 2 Abdomen Lower
Wet 2 Abdomen Upper
Wet 2 Collar L
Wet 2 Collar R
Wet 2 Chest Lower
Wet 2 Chest Upper
Wet 2 Pectoral L
Wet 2 Pectoral R
Wet 2 Pelvis
Wet 2 Shoulder L
Wet 2 Shoulder L2
Wet 2 Shoulder R
Wet 2 Shoulder R2
Wet 2 Thigh L
Wet 2 Thigh L2
Wet 2 Thigh R
Wet 2 Thigh R2
Wet 3 Abdomen Lower
Wet 3 Abdomen Upper
Wet 3 Collar L
Wet 3 Collar R
Wet 3 Chest Lower
Wet 3 Chest Upper
Wet 3 Pectoral L
Wet 3 Pectoral R
Wet 3 Pelvis
Wet 3 Shoulder L
Wet 3 Shoulder L2
Wet 3 Shoulder R
Wet 3 Shoulder R2
Wet 3 Thigh L
Wet 3 Thigh L2
Wet 3 Thigh R
Wet 3 Thigh R2
Wet Abdomen Lower
Wet Abdomen Upper
Wet Collar L
Wet Collar R
Wet Chest Lower
Wet Chest Upper
Wet Pectoral L
Wet Pectoral R
Wet Pelvis
Wet Shoulder L
Wet Shoulder L2
Wet Shoulder R
Wet Shoulder R2
Wet Thigh L
Wet Thigh L2
Wet Thigh R
Wet Thigh R2
Supported Shapes:
Material Presets:
15 Dry Baby Doll Outfit Material Presets
15 Wet Baby Doll Outfit Material Presets
15 Dry Baby Doll Dress Material Presets
15 Wet Baby Doll Dress Material Presets
6 Geometry Shell Underwear Presets
13 Baby Doll Boots Material Presets
Wet Baby Doll Boots Material Preset
Wet Skin Material Preset
Bonus Files
Beach Ground Scene
Carousel Scene
Following Items Must Be Installed To Use
Short Wet Hair for Genesis 8 Male(s) and Female(s)
Syble HD for Genesis 8 Female
Carnival Carousel
Carnival Pack I Iray Addon
Mec4d PBS Shaders vol.2 for Iray
Textures Include:
162 Diffuse, Roughness, Opacity and Metallicity Maps (4096×4096)
Daz Studio Iray Material Presets(.DUF)


This product includes:
1 DSON Core Installer


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