Derelict Buildings (for Poser)

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A set of two abandoned buildings… nothing left but ruins.
Perfect for haunted scenes, though no ghosts are included.
Or were these building destroyed by a recent battle? Did soldiers use these buildings as hiding places before they were forced to flee?

.: Product Features :.
?Poser figure: obj, cr2/ png, at 86,622 polygons.
?Included Parts:
– Two Barrels
– One Bed
– One Wrecked Bookshelf
– One Wrecked Cart
– Two Chairs
– Five Debris piles
– Two Dirt piles (1 under each building)
– One Floor
– One Ground (under both buildings)
– Two Stairs
– Two Walls (1 for each building)
– Twelve Windows (6 on each building)
– Six Wooden Beams
– Two Wood and Concrete Debris
– Two Wood Planks
– One Wood and Rocks pile
Use the Hierarchy Editor to hide and show these parts to further customize your scene.
?Parts are parented to each dirt pile, which can be positioned anywhere in the scene.

.: Textures :.
?One texture set with nine texture maps with corresponding normal/ bump maps.
?All textures are 700×700 pixels or 640×640 pixels for more efficient memory usage.


Luminous for Nightblade

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